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Master Mason Small Pendant Jewel
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Sterling Silver Bonded Masonic Pendant. This Sterling Silver Bonded bonded Masonic Pendant features the classic and ever popular Masonic design.The design is sophisticated in that the featured  Masonic symbol is bordered with Diamond Cut detail. Look for the other 3 Masonic pendants on this site. We process all of our Sterling Silver bonded pendants with 100 layers of Pure Sterling Silver. Our proprietary Sterling Silver bonding process deposits pure Sterling Silver that is white and bright, light and lovely. There is no other Sterling Silver bonded product that looks and feels so much like solid Sterling Silver. We issue our lifetime warranty certificate with each pendant. This certificate applies to any problem resulting from wear, including a loose or lost stone. There is no manufacturer in the business that provides such a comprehensive guarantee.Special Note(s):

Another term for Sterling Silver bonded is Silvver plating. However, not all Silver plating is the same. All of our products are bonded with 100 layers of silver. Our Sterling Silver bonded products are manufactured with exactitude in the United States to control their quality. Our manufacturing process allows us to claim we are one of the few companies in the country whose quality control standards of Sterling Silver bonding meets or exceeds Federal standards. The inclusion of our Lifetime Certificate with each Sterling Silver bonded piece is your assurance of our consistency in meeting Federal standards.